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musher 101  the truth about the commercial sled dog industry



modern dog farming meet the pros  

Meet the mushers and see for yourself how its done.


chains & whips wag the sled dog

See the conditions real "working dogs" must endure and dispel some common misconceptions.

Check out this video of a working Alaskan dog lot.


subsidies abound tax $$$ for sled dogs

Learn about how your tax dollars are spent supporting and subsidizing the commercial sled dog industry.



the truth is WAY out there...

take a look for yourself



VIDEO: Dream an Iditarod Dream



retired long-distance racing sled dogs...chained for life


VIDEO: Iditarod Handler's Kennel




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husky concentration camp



see the grueling training runs

that sled dogs endure:


VIDEO: The Iditarod Train

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the dog mob money talks

Meet the big money makers behind the commercial sled dog industry and see how they operate.


winner winner pushing for the jackpot

See the grueling training techniques mushers use to prepare for a winning season.

Check out this video of an Iditarod team in training.


careful culling its all in the execution

Learn how mushers manage the large numbers of dogs required to stay competitive in the industry.


cheap labor hook a rookie

See how mushers recruit inexperienced handlers and position them as indentured servants in their kennel.


mystery science sled dog research

Sled dog research conducted on winning dog teams can be a very lucrative way to line a musher's pocket.

Sled Dog Concentration Camps

Arial View of Alaskan Sled Dog Farming Operations:


reality is not always what it seems...

Commercial sled dogs spend most of their lives tethered to five foot chains. 

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